USR Month

The University Social Responsibility Network (USRN) has identified the month of October as the “USR Month”. USRN member universities around the world will demonstrate and highlight their commitment to social responsibility by showcasing their social responsibility activities during this month.

Through the USR Month campaign, universities affiliated to the USRN will be able to learn from each other’s USR initiatives as well as to motivate other universities outside the USRN to strengthen their USR initiatives. Ultimately, it is hoped that there will be increased awareness of USR, propelling a USR movement in the global higher education sector.

(Video produced by: University of Pretoria)

2021 USR Month – UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney organised the third edition of UNSW Diversity Fest in the USR Month, inviting students and staff to participate in activities that embrace the diversity of our community and ignite broader conversations about how the University can foster a more inclusive society.

Over 50 free events and activities were scheduled throughout the week of 25 – 29 October, addressing topics including age diversity, cultural and linguistic diversity, disability inclusion, gender diversity, Indigenous knowledge, LGBTIQ+ inclusion, mental health and neurodiversity.

Visit the Diversity Fest 2021 website to find out more about the events.