USR Month

The University Social Responsibility Network (USRN) has identified the month of October as the “USR Month”. USRN member universities around the world will demonstrate and highlight their commitment to social responsibility by showcasing their social responsibility activities during this month.

Through the USR Month campaign, universities affiliated to the USRN will be able to learn from each other’s USR initiatives as well as to motivate other universities outside the USRN to strengthen their USR initiatives. Ultimately, it is hoped that there will be increased awareness of USR, propelling a USR movement in the global higher education sector.

(Video produced by: University of Pretoria)

2021 USR Month – Beijing Normal University

The theme of the USR Month Campaign at Beijing Normal University (BNU) is “Sustainable Development”. The Baige Youth Volunteer Association, an influencing student association at BNU, organized two programs to help its community to achieve sustainable development. One program focuses on environmental protection and the other focuses on delivering the concept of public welfare, to influence more selfless volunteers for the community.

Program 1: “Environmentally Friendly Life”

On 20 October, student volunteers organized a campus activity to collect old clothing, waste paper, expired medicines and other recyclables. The volunteers also designed interesting science popularization games to help other students learn more about environmental protection. Since 20 October was the day when freshmen returned to campus after military training, volunteers collected many old military training uniforms and publicized the concept of environmental recycling to freshmen.

More than 300 students participated in the event and 359.8 kg of clothing was collected for recycling.

Program 2: “Memoirs of Volunteers”

In October, several student volunteers interviewed the outstanding volunteers of BNU, who have rich volunteering experience and a deep understanding of volunteering spirit. The outstanding volunteers gave a lot of wishes and suggestions to volunteers who have just embarked on the road of voluntary public welfare.

After several talks and interviews, students wrote down the stories they heard with their personal reflections on the stories. They then made a series of reports under the topic “Move forward together with volunteer and love”. The articles were posted on the Baige Association’s social media platform.