USR Month

The University Social Responsibility Network (USRN) has identified the month of October as the “USR Month”. USRN member universities around the world will demonstrate and highlight their commitment to social responsibility by showcasing their social responsibility activities during this month.

Through the USR Month campaign, universities affiliated to the USRN will be able to learn from each other’s USR initiatives as well as to motivate other universities outside the USRN to strengthen their USR initiatives. Ultimately, it is hoped that there will be increased awareness of USR, propelling a USR movement in the global higher education sector.

(Video produced by: University of Pretoria)

2019 USR Month – Yonsei University

On September 3rd 2019, V-Forum was held at Yonsei University. V-Forum is annually hosted by Institute for Global Engagement & Empowerment (IGEE) of Yonsei University and Change Agent (Yonsei Student Volunteer Club Association). The Forum aims to inform more people about the student volunteer activities in South Korea and also promotes volunteerism inside the university. Through this forum, Yonsei University is striving to contribute to sustainable development and offer student organizations special opportunities to promote their activities.

2019 V-Forum is truly differentiated from last year’s forum, with diverse sessions and increase in the number of participants. This year, 14 student clubs in Yonsei University were present along with other Korean universities. Student clubs had a chance to present their volunteer activities in “Volunteer Ignite”. Beside the presentations, booth zone was provided in which student clubs could promote their activities and freely interact with the other students and school faculties. At the end of V-Forum, during “Alumni Volunteer Talk”, and “V-Forum Networking Session”, all the participants could listen to the special volunteer stories and experience of alumni, and after the alumni presentation, students and alumni were able to share their ideas and thoughts about volunteerin