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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
June to July 2016

Launched in summer 2015, the Global Service-Learning Scheme Student Scholarships for Service-Learning (for inbound overseas students) (GSLS) is one of the initiatives set up by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to support outstanding students from the University Social Responsibility Network (USR Network) member institutions participating in PolyU offshore Service-Learning projects.

Under the GSLS, student scholarships for Service-Learning (capped at US$2,500 per head) are offered to students of the USR Network to cover their participation and travelling cost incurred when joining the Service-Learning projects and summer school.

Four members of the USR Network (Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Sichuan University and Yonsei University) with eight students were selected to three Service-Learning subjects in Cambodia, Rwanda and Shanghai in 2015.

In 2016, nine students from four members of the USR Network: University of Haifa (Israel), Washington University of St. Louis (USA), Sichuan University (China) and Yonsei University (Korea), joined the GSLS in summer. A list of participants is shown as below:

Service-Learning Project



Technology beyond borders – Cambodia Solar Power

University of Haifa

Ms Rachel Spiro

Ms Miller Bat Sheva

Washington University of St. Louis

Ms Rose Yin

Ms Caroline Trier

Ms Vanessa Wu

Ms Lydia Li

Sichuan University

Ms Huang Xi

Ms Zhang Chuyan

Growing resilience of children in post-disaster area

Yonsei University

Ms Huang Di

Students joining GSLS sharing with Prof Yuen

group photo of GSLS student, local students, PolyU students and local NGO

GSLS student works together with PolyU students

GSLS student works

Technology beyond borders – Cambodia Solar Power (Cambodia, 4-19 June 2016)

PolyU and GSLS students received training on solar panel installation before the trip. Then they taught the knowledge and skills to local university students and volunteers in Cambodia, and worked together to perform the services.

There were two services involved:

  1. Installation of solar energy systems for rural villagers
  2. Installation of a learning centre for a primary school

Growing resilience of children in post-disaster area (Sichuan, 6-14 July 2016)

The service activities focused on a 5‐day summer holiday programme to promote the resilience of children in post‐earthquake context in Sichuan, China. PolyU students, GSLS student and the local university students worked in teams and were taught the cores skills of working with the children. Each student worked intensively with one to two children.

The team served in three major aspects:

  1. Develop and implement a 5‐day holiday programme for the children;
  2. Understand and document the resilience and developmental needs of the children who have experienced a disaster; and
  3. Promote resilience of children to further develop their potentials and provide feedback to the children's families.