PolyU Global Service-Learning Scheme (GSLS) 2018

PolyU Global Service-Learning Scheme (GSLS) 2018

From 30 May to 13 July 2018, nine students from USRN member universities, including Sichuan University, University of São Paulo and University of Haifa, joined the service-learning projects organised by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Cambodia and Sichuan, China.

The students involved in the Cambodia project, “Living Environment for Low-income Communities in Developing Regions”, worked together to help construct a water filtration system to improve the quality of life of villagers in low-income areas. The Sichuan project, “Growing Resilience of Children in Post-Disaster Contexts”, required its student participants to develop a 5-day holiday programme for children in a post-earthquake context. During this programme, the students observed and documented the children’s resilience and developmental needs and provided feedback for the children’s families and schools and for future follow-up.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful service-learning project. The project gave me the courage to face difficulties in life. Nothing is impossible; we should always seek to face and overcome challenges.”

CHEN Chu, Sichuan University (participant of the Cambodia project)

“I am grateful for this opportunity to help promote environmental health in rural areas of Cambodia and learn how to cooperate with people from different cultural backgrounds.”

FANG Yian, Sichuan University (participant of the Cambodia project)

“I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to help a community by providing local people with the one of the most important things we have, which may seem simple to us, but to others is like treasure – CLEAN WATER!”

Anastasia THISHENKO, University of Haifa (participant of the Cambodia project)

“By the end of the trip, everyone was crying tears of sorrow and joy, as we had built a real connection with the kids in Yingxiu village during this once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am honoured to have been part of this project.”

Hila HUBER, University of Haifa (participant of the Sichuan project)

“This project gave me the sensitivity to appreciate the little things in life, and helped me to realise that even as a young person, I can make a difference to the lives of less privileged people. The children we helped actually taught me much more than I taught them.”

Paula Yihua RON, University of São Paulo (participant in the Sichuan project)