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USRN Webinar Series #3: Engaged Research in Kyoto University: Global, Regional and Local Experiences

Founded in 1897, Kyoto University is the second oldest national university in Japan working as an international academic hub that promotes academic cooperation and nurtures innovation. In the light of the multiple complex issues that threaten the survival of humanity such as unexpected rapid climate change, large-scale natural disasters, and environmental degradation, among many others, Kyoto University aims to seek solutions and consistently share our progress with society.

From this perspective, Kyoto University has a tradition of engaging closely with society offering its contribution through interdisciplinary and engaged research integrating humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, medical and life sciences to promote innovation and bring actual solutions to social demands. Such contributions are developed as research projects that involve academic activities targeting the members of the community as primary beneficiaries.

In this webinar, Kyoto University aims to share some of their research project activities conducted in several faculties and departments and developed to be applied for the good of people and contribution toward the realization of harmonious coexistence in the global society.

WEBINAR #3 : Engaged Research in Kyoto University:  Global, Regional and Local Experiences


  • Ms. Mariko Adachi, Specific Senior Lecturer at International Strategy Office, Kyoto University


  • Dr. Paola Sanoni, Specific Senior Lecturer at International Strategy Office, Kyoto University


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