Sichuan University
8 to 21 July 2018

This is the third year in which Sichuan University has opened up its regular University Immersion Programme to students from the USRN. This year, two student exchange programmes entitled “Promoting Global Health and Cross-Cultural Communication” and “Intercultural Communication and Global Social Responsibility” were organised from 8 to 21 July 2018.

These programmes, which combined lectures with field visits to cultural sites, enabled students to examine concepts associated with culture and communication and how they related to global leadership within local communities. The student participants were expected to gain a deeper awareness of who they were as global citizens and learned to identify intercultural issues relating to social responsibility in business and other fields.

Fourteen students from USRN member universities and local Chinese students took part in these two programmes, giving them a clearer view of China and a better understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds.

“People come from different cultures, and we should appreciate these differences and learn from each other.”
Polly CHAN, PolyU 

“By learning about ourselves and accepting others’ differences, we can prevent misunderstandings and conflict in our everyday lives.”
Cherry NG, PolyU

“We learned so much about ourselves, and realised that although people come from very different backgrounds, they still have some inherited cultural values in common. This programme was a life-enhancing experience for me!”
Monika KUMARI, PhD student, Kyoto University


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