University Social Responsibility: Priorities for the Next Decade

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The University Social Responsibility Networks’ biennial Summit will be hosted by the University of Pretoria from *3 to 6 February 2021 at Future Africa, Pretoria, South Africa.

The 2021 Summit aims to advance the scholarship and practice of University Social Responsibility in higher education by focusing on the broad theme of “University Social Responsibility: Priorities for the Next Decade”.

The conference sub-themes are:

  • University Social Responsibility: What should the Priorities for the Next Decade be?
  • University Social Responsibility in the Aftermath of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • University Social Responsibility: Global Perspectives
  • Citizens’ Voices in University Social Responsibility
  • Inter-sectoral Collaboration in promoting University Social Responsibility
  • University Social Responsibility: Governance, Society, and Policy Change
  • The Role of Students in University Social Responsibility

More details of the USR Summit 2021 will be annouced through the USRN website. If you wish to receive official updates of the Summit, please write to the USRN Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to leave your contact.

*The dates are subject to change according to the final Summit programme.