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The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement fosters a vibrant culture of civic engagement throughout Washington University, realized by engaged citizens, scholarship and partnerships that advance the collective good. The Civic Scholars Program supports 18 students per cohort through a rigorous two-year curriculum, immersion trips, and $5,000 summer stipends that support each scholar in a substantial civic project or internship. The Gephardt Institute also recently launched Engage Democracy, a university-wide initiative to equip the campus community with the civic skills needed to participate in a thriving democracy. The initiative builds on demonstrated successes, including our voter registration and engagement efforts. During the 2016 election, our student voting rate increased by 11% from 2012 and exceeded the national average among colleges and universities. The Gephardt Institute also supports students in community service through programs such as our Each One Teach One tutoring initiative and over 60 student-run groups addressing poverty, global health, environmental justice and a range of other social and public health issues. Some 61% of undergraduate students participate in community service during college, a higher percentage than many of our peer institutions. The Gephardt Institute also is committed to catalyzing partnerships that respond to community needs and priorities through our Civic Engagement Fund, which provides funds to students, faculty, and staff grantees to community-engaged courses and community partnerships, and the Goldman Fellows Program, a competitive fellowship that builds the capacity of St. Louis nonprofit and governmental organizations through fellows who serve as full-time summer interns.

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