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The University of Manchester is the UK’s largest higher education institution and part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities. It is the only higher education institution in the UK with a commitment to social responsibility as a core strategic goal. The University’s strategy for social responsibility is based around five strategic priorities:

  • Research with Impact: enabling research and discovery to make a positive difference to society.
  • Socially-Responsible Graduates: ensuring students and graduates can exercise social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Engaging our Communities: engaging people and organisations to make a difference to local communities and wider society.
  • Responsible Processes: making organisational business-processes and policies balance efficiency with opportunities for creating social benefit.
  • Environmental Sustainability: ensuring research, teaching and activities are guided by a commitment to environmental sustainability.

These broad strategic priorities are given substance through the prioritisation of a small number of social responsibility ‘signature programmes’ to focus and measure efforts in making the most significant difference to society. These consist of:

  • School Governor Initiative: contributing to the leadership of state schools by creating the fastest growth of volunteer school governors of any UK employer.
  • The Works Initiative: tackling long-term unemployment in the University’s local community through an employment support centre in a neighbouring disadvantaged community.
  • Cultural Explorers: targeting local primary schools pupils and their families to access out-of-school learning opportunities across the University’s cultural institutions.
  • Make a Difference: Think Sustainability: providing all staff with the opportunity to engage in a sustainability learning and action programme.
  • Addressing Inequalities: enhancing research addressing issues of equality and fairness in its city-region.
  • Ethical Grand Challenges: providing every undergraduate with the opportunity to confront key ethical grand challenges through the completion of a common programme in each year of study.

See more about the University’s impact at www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8bzzDgb05U

WEBLINK - www.manchester.ac.uk/socialresponsibility

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