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A Brief Introduction on the Promotion of University Social Responsibility by Peking University

The Peking University is committed to nurture high-quality talents who are socially attached and able to shoulder the responsibility of reviving the nation. It encourages its teachers and students to contribute to social advancement through scientific research activities, social practices, and volunteer services.

The University puts much emphasis on making good use of its edge on scientific studies, actively undertaking the nation's major scientific research projects as well as major projects in social sciences. The University has also established strategic partnering relationships with 23 districts at the provincial level, actively serving the nation's major strategic projects and the support projects of its counterparts. The affiliated hospitals of the Peking University have long been providing top-quality medical services to the general public.

The University emphasises on the education of enhancing the sense of social responsibility among students, advocating them to serve the community with what they have learned. It encourages its graduates to go to places where their country needs them most and to settle themselves in regions with harsh conditions among the grass-root level, and from there make their contributions. The University continues to expand its efforts in motivating students to take part in social practices and volunteer services, while strengthening the relevant systems, enhancing the funds and training, and striving to achieve the on-going commitment of "Action on responsibility".  Moreover, the cultural environment of "Loving the community and willing to help others" is being cultivated in the campus by selecting students with excellent performance in implementing social responsibility to act as shining examples. 


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