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4 November 2016

20161104 USR Summit 2016 SF

The USR Network introduced the first ever Students' Forum in Beijing on 4 November 2016 as part of the University Social Responsibility Summit. Attended by students from different cultural backgrounds, the Forum provided a platform for their exchange of views and experiences on social responsibilities, and the opportunity to learn from local community projects in Beijing.


Plenary Sessions of the Students' Forum took place in the morning of 4 November in Peking University. Twenty-two student representatives from 17 universities shared their actual practices at the Forum, which was attended by over 100 students from around the world. Student representatives were divided into three groups for community visits in the afternoon.

Plenary Sessions

Student representatives presented what they have done and are currently doing in pursuing social responsibility. The student-initiated projects addressed a variety of concerns such as:

  • building a e-platform for volunteers to response to the needy people,
  • bringing out the youths' voices and ideas through activities,
  • initiating street improvement project to fit people of all ages, races and economic status,
  • enhancing the livelihood of the remoted villages,
  • developing community oriented primary care, etc.

Community Visits

After sharing their actual practices, the students joined the visits to local community projects:

  • Sustainable farm
    Located in the outskirts of Beijing, it was one of the first in China to follow the Community Supported Agriculture model. The students visited the greenhouse, and had a taste of the fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, peanuts produced from the farm.

    20161104 Michael Wang

    "This is the first time I know there are also organic farms in Mainland China adopting the Community Supported Agriculture model, impressive." - Michael Wang (left in photo), Tufts University

  • Dongcheng District of Beijing
    Students toured the hundreds-year-old hutong (narrow alleys of the Old Peking City) and visited the local elderly service centres.

    20161104 Min Jung Kim

    "If it wasn't for the summit, I wouldn't have had the chance to have real life experience to learn about Beijing's efforts to manage the aging population and take care of the elderly." - Min Jung Kim (second from left in photo), Ewha Womans University

  • Community centre serving the families of the rural migrant workers
    The centre-in-charge shared the challenges facing by the children of the migrant workers, and the services they provided. The students also organized games and activities and had a wonderful time with the children.

    20161104 Ruth Tan

    Ruth Tan (third from right in photo) of University Brunei Darussalam appreciated the arrangement of the visit, especially the chance to interact with the children.