University Immersion Programme 2017

Sichuan University
2 to 15 July 2017

The two-week programme aims at bringing students over the world together and stimulating their global awareness and inter-cultural communications.

40 students, among whom 12 from USRN member institutions took part in two courses under the programme in Sichuan, namely Intercultural Communication and Global Social Responsibility and Equipping Rural Farmers on Healthier Food Production.

Besides lectures and practice, students also had many opportunities to experience Sichuan through cultural/ post-disaster community visits. They also had meaningful and interesting sharing with locals and other students.

“I studied with 40 other students from Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong and USA. The program enlightening me to rethink my country with a new perspective as I met people from other societies and heard their different stories. I had a wonderful time in China as I made some new friends and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes in Sichuan.”
Maayan Shenker, Student of Haifa University


Maayan(in green tee) enjoyed the fruitful learning journey in Sichuan  Working with farmers in Shifang, students learned how to communicate with farmers and apply knowledge in modern farming.    The face-off performance in Sichuan opera amazed students.    “One, two, three, smile!” It is on the “must-do-list” in Sichuan, hometown of pandas.