Opportunities and scholarships are made available for students from member institutions to participate in various USR initiatives, with an aim to nurturing socially responsible global citizens.

  • International Service Learning Programmes

The USRN has committed to develop a wide range of International Service Learning Programmes for students from all USRN member universities to participate. Recent programmes include Service Learning Programmes in Sichuan, China (post-disaster rehabilitation), Kyoto (active ageing), Cambodia (sustainability) and South Africa (community development). The Network will continue to explore international service learning opportunities for the member students.

  • Annual Global Youth Leaders Summit

The annual Global Youth Leaders Summit is a ground-breaking student leader international conference, bringing together student leaders worldwide to debate and discuss how young leaders, inspired by the spirit of social entrepreneurship, can make a difference in the world. The diversity of student presenters from universities around the globe made the past events truly mind-opening with exciting ideas and projects of community engagement for addressing some of the world’s grand challenges.

  • China-Japan-Korea SERVE

The China-Japan-Korea SERVE Initiative was piloted in Summer 2017 to provide cross-cultural learning opportunities for students from the USRN and other invited universities.

The programme provides cross-disciplinary knowledge that (1) helps students understand, compare and contrast the different perspectives and issues of aging among Japan, South Korea, Mainland China and Hong Kong; and (2) ignites students with passion to get along with and serve elderly. This learning experience is expected to nurture students’ serving heart and enhance cross-cultural competence.