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The USRN organises Executive Development Programme each year, with member institutions taking turn to host the programme in their respective countries so as to facilitate learning from each other and exchange of good practices and policies relating to USR.

The Network is also developing an online course for senior administrators and staff in the higher education sector interested in advancing USR in their own institutions.

2018 - University of Sao Paulo


 20180404 114037

The 3rd USRN Executive Programme was organised by the University of Sao Paulo in April 2018.


2017 - University of Pretoria


2017 StaffVisit UP

Hosted by the University of Pretoria, South Africa, the Executive Development Programme took place on 9-12 April 2017.


2016 - University of Manchester


20160711 12 StaffVisit UoM

The University of Manchester hosted the first Executive Development Programme in July 2016.