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University Social Responsibility

Sichuan University is a high-level comprehensive research university located in the western part of China, a key development under the nation's Project 985 and Project 211. As a national key university under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education, it puts in a lot of efforts towards nurturing first-class talents, engaging in first-class scientific researches, and providing first-class social services. It also encourages its teachers and students to step out from the ivory tower, turning the university lecture rooms and laboratories into platforms for serving enterprises and the community, shouldering more responsibilities in the course of social development and leading the community in its advancement.

The University encourages its students to show concern, to care for, to participate and to serve in the development of world politics, economy and culture. In the face of the world, it considers its responsibility to tackle the current crises confronting mankind. These crises include: major changes and major adjustments that occur when the world is facing major developments, and human development is met with both opportunities and crises that co-exist at the same time: the continued widening in the gap between the rich and the poor causes aggravation in social contradictions; the scramble for resources leads to international warfares; major economic and financial problems that bring about world-wide economic depression; catastrophic geological calamities, extreme weather conditions, and catastrophic crises directly threaten human survival.  Under such circumstances in world development, the Sichuan University is all the more committed to be a cradle in the dissemination of knowledge and the training of talents, to be a high ground in the innovation of knowledge and technology, to be a platform for inheriting and promoting culture, and to make greater contributions towards solving major global issues, particularly in crises of calamities.  

As a university located in a disaster zone, the Sichuan University has experienced the pains brought about by the big earthquake of Wenchuan. It insists on bravely and actively taking part in post-disaster reconstruction, and assisting the disaster zone in realising sustainable development. On such grounds, the University actively carries out studies on the handling of global disaster crises, and considers this as its key responsibility and obligation towards the society. The newly formed Sichuan University - Hong Kong Polytechnic University Post-disaster Reconstruction and Management Institute is a most direct exemplification of how the Sichuan University is concerned about global crises and how it performs its duty in social services. As partners in establishing the institute, both Sichuan University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University hope to use the reconstruction of the Wenchuan earthquake disaster as a typical case study to provide the world with some common experiences and study results, and to carry out researches in sociology, economics, medicine, science and technology, as well as social work.

Looking to the future, Sichuan University will boldly take up the responsibility and mission of the University, to go hand in hand with all sectors of the community in striving to enhance university social responsibility, to advocate university teachers and students to build up social commitment, to encourage and to support its teachers and students to step out of the campus and serve the community, to make contributions towards public health, safety and a happy living, and to do its part in the civilisation and progress as well as the sustainable development of mankind.