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COCOLO-IKI project is a nickname of Kyoto University’s Center of Community (COC) project. COC project is an important new subsidized project that was set up by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). A proposal by Kyoto University titled “KYOTO Future Creation Project for Establishing the Center of Community” has been selected for FY 2013 COC project by MEXT.

COCOLO-IKI project aims at promoting community-oriented education, research and social activities with local community and contributing to the development of global human resources with a broad education. To achieve the aim, we developed “Kyotology Education Program.” The program consists of lecture-based learning (MANABI-YOSHI classes) and project-based learning (IKI-YOSHI classes), offering a greater number of learning opportunities that take advantage of Kyoto's rich historical heritage and other unique features. In addition, we established Education and Research Unit for Regional Alliances as a one-stop service center to promote collaborations between students, researchers, and the local community. The unit also supports students contributing to revitalization of local communities.



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