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Social Responsibility at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

The Al-Farabi Kazakh National University’s strategy for social responsibility is demonstrated by different initiatives:

KazNU Alumni Association helps to maintain the relationship between alumni and the University and other alumni through various events. The Association on the basis of social partnership with the administration of the University implements educational, scientific and social projects, including those focused on local community development. The Association annually awards up to 600 scholarships to the talented students and  manages endowment fundraising for the University development.

KazNU Legal Clinic is a voluntary Association of students and lecturers who provide legal assistance to members of the local community, particularly,  pensioners, invalids, mothers of large families, etc., free of charge.

The Legal Clinic:

- provides free consultations on legal issues 

- increases level of population’s legal literacy

- facilitates law students’ opportunities for obtaining practical skill

KazNU GREEN Campus - environmental movement of KazNU aimed at developing KazNU as an environment-oriented

University and the University community shift to sustainability in the areas of energy, water, constipation and waste

utilization. Thanks to this project in every faculty of KazNU was formed a student "Green" team, with the support of the

University administration they are implementing specific activities in the field of "green" regulation.

Komek – voluntary movement. The project is based on the organization of volunteer help to orphans, children left without parents, children from correctional schools, cancer patients and autism, as well as elderly people. Members of this movement took an active part in the organization of the VII Winter Asian Games, the 28th Winter Universiade and EXPO-2017

Historians Club is the involvement of pupils, students in studying history and traditions of his people, the native land and country. The Club facilitates fostering enduring values in participants: hard work, honesty, fairness, sense of national dignity, respect for elders, duty, mercifulness. The main purpose of the Club is the preservation and enhancement of the cultural and historical heritage and traditions of the people of Kazakhstan.

To learn more about University of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, please visit http://www.kaznu.kz/en